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Greendale complete work at Yeatman Hospital


We were pleased to return to Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne to carry out this small conversion job for Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust.   We have created a new End of Life Suite at the hospital.


The architects are Anderson Architecture, Kerri Howlett is the Capital Project Manager for DUFT, Roger Sinclair was the M & E consultant for Thoughtward Limited.

The project value was circa £100k. and the project  duration was 12 weeks.

Dave Neil was our site manager and Dave Berry our Contract Manager/QS.


The works comprised of converting and exiting two bed corner ward on the ground floor of the Willows Building /Stewarts Wing to create a one bed ward with adjoining family room with private lobby and private welfare facilities.   A separate dedicated entrance was also formed into this suite.   New M & E services and hoist systems were also installed.

The finish on the floors and walls etc. are done sensitively to provide a comfortable environment for patients.






Rob Hooker attends the CIOB Academy launch event


Rob attended the CIOB Academy launch breakfast event on the top (40th) floor of the Gherkin.

The Academy is a new venture for the CIOB where they will be providing high quality training across all fields for the construction industry. The CIOB Academy is open to anyone working in the built environment. It has been created in consultation with industry partners to meet the needs of an industry that is undergoing unprecedented technological change whilst embracing new challenges, such as smart cities and the low carbon economy.

Holly Watson, Head of the academy; Paul Nash, President of the CIOB; Chris Blythe, CEO; were some of the dignitaries that made speeches at this impressive event.


Attendees also saw the debut of the ITN Production film ‘Masterminds of Construction’ which can be seen by accessing the CIOB web site here.



Maria Seabright speaks to Lytchett Minster School students


Maria was invited to speak to 240 year 10 students at Lytchett Minster School  as part of their PSHE lesson where they are learning about best practice techniques for making good first impressions during the interview process.


Maria firstly engaged the students with a lighthearted questionnaire which showed how we all make subconscious assumptions about people we meet before we even get to know them, emphasising how important it was to make sure that first impression was a positive one.


Maria then highlighted some of the most basic yet undoubtedly important aspects of the interview process; from producing a good CV which alone will help you get your foot in the door to the company; turning up to an interview smartly dressed; thinking of extra curricular achievements to impress your potential employer (100% school attendance is something to be proud of if you cant think of anything else!) and making sure you have done your research and found out as much as you can about the company before you turn up for interview.



Headmaster, Andrew Mead, brought humour to the lesson when 6th form performing arts students took on the roles of different interviewees; from a distracted and lacklustre interviewee who couldn’t even answer what her strengths were;  a ‘cocky’ over confident interviewee who answered his phone during the interview, and an initially impressive interviewee who, upon looking closer, had lied on his application as was highlighted by his references.  Finally, an ideal candidate showed up, smartly dressed, polite, confident, and showing great interest in the company.


Maria Seabright, commented: “I think it’s incredibly important for local employers, like Greendale, to take the time to come along and give students advice and the benefit of their own experience. These young people are our employees, and employers of the future and we can’t expect them to go into the world of work with little or no help.  They need us to help them gain confidence as they go forward in their lives and careers.  Local companies should see this is an ideal opportunity to put something back into the community, by helping our local schools and colleges in this way.”

Lytchett Minster School holds regular lectures which are free and open to the wider community.  The next lecture on Tuesday 6th December is by Tim Cruse-Drew; the physiotherapist  responsible for helping Eddie Izzard run 27 marathons on 27 days.  More information and tickets are available on the school website here .


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