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Christchurch Hospital: work in progress



Work continues at Christchurch Hospital  where the Greendale Small Works Division are currently involved with groundworks and installation of new services for the hospital.



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The team are currently undertaking 2 phases of works to provide our client with new parking and landscaped areas immediately adjacent to the imaging/pharmacy/GP surgery/and existing outpatients departments. The project aim involves the re-generation of the previously demolished site to create additional parking areas and ambulance/patient drop off areas therefore easing traffic congestion on site.



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The project consists of the introduction of new soakaways and drainage to the site, new mechanical and electrical service installations, creating new parking areas which are interlinked by new paved pathways providing easy access around the site, and new planted and landscaped areas.

Completion of phase 1 and 2 works is 18 weeks, phase 3 works duration to be agreed but will coincide with the finishing of phase 2 works




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