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The DCCI Careers & Apprenticeship Show at the BIC

What a fantastic day!  Chris and Maria were delighted to see so many familiar faces as well as meet so many new young people who stopped by the Greendale Construction stand for information and advice on all the careers and apprenticeship opportunities available to them in the construction industry.

Assisting and advising young people with a passion for our industry is something that is very close to our hearts.  So many kids just aren’t aware of how many careers and trades the industry uses – and how many of those can be as apprenticeships, or working degrees – where you are paid to work with a company like Greendale who also finance your degree or further and higher education course.

If you were unable to attend the Careers and Apprenticeships Show but are interested in finding out what a career in the construction industry is all about, and how Greendale may be able to help you, please get in touch.



£1770 raised for Bobby’s Future at the Great Greendale Bake-Off!

Wow!  What a day!  Thank you to each and every one of you who came to buy cakes at Greendale HQ yesterday, and to those who ordered cakes to be delivered.  To everyone who made cakes for us to sell, and those who took part in the raffle and helped us raise so much money for the 3rd year running for a very special little boy.  We are humbled and thrilled with the number of people who helped us help Bobby by raising an astonishing £1770.




From all at Greendale, thank you so very, much for all your support!

Roof repairs to St Phillips Church

St Phillips Church, Bournemouth, is benefiting from these roof repairs – just in time for the winter!


Join us for ‘The Great Greendale Charity Cake Sale’ – Monday 17th September

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we ask you to come and support us in helping raise money for one of our chosen charities – by buying and eating scrumptious cakes, homemade jams and marmalades!  It’s a hard ask, we know 😉

This year, The Great Greendale Charity Cake Sale in aid of Bobby’s Future, will be held at our offices on Monday 17th September.  Last year we raised an amazing amount of £1,600.00 for Bobby with this annual event, and it would be fantastic if we could top that again this year. More information about this amazing little boy and his wonderful family can be found at the bottom of this post.


The cakes never fail to impress – our extended Greendale family bakes exceedingly good cakes.  And the delicious homemade jams and marmalades are made by director Maria herself!


If you don’t have time to stay, we will be providing cake boxes for you to take cake away with you.  You can even pre-order if its easier – and if you really can’t make it, we offer a local delivery service to bring the cakes to you!


We all look forward to welcoming you on Monday 17th September and hope you can help us raise these much needed funds for Bobby’s Future!

A little bit about Bobby…

On 11th May 2013, Jay and Leanne Griffiths welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Bobby, into the world. When Bobby was born he was motionless and very floppy. He was rushed out of the delivery room but returned soon after and his parents were told he was ‘just a lazy boy’.  However, it was soon noticed that Bobby wasn’t feeding and had to be syringed milk. Mum and baby stayed in the paediatric intensive care unit for 6 weeks whilst tests were run. Bobby was subsequently diagnosed with Chromosome 14q Deletion Syndrome and Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disorder (GORD). Bobby is constantly in and out of hospital and has undergone numerous surgical procedures. No one can be sure what the future of this diagnosis will be but it is expected that Bobby will have learning difficulties and be physically disabled although they are not able to say to what extent. Chromosome 14q Deletion Syndrome is a rare condition and it is believed that there are only 12 other known cases of the condition with the oldest child only being 15 years old. Bobby is now 2.5 years old but still very much like a baby and totally dependent on his devoted mum and dad. Bobby can’t support himself at all and is fed via a pump which is running 24 hours a day and feeds straight into his bowel.  Bobby vomits and gags up to 20 times a day and through the night which is a constant worry for those closest to him. Bobby has to have 24/7 care and has to have continual suction so that he doesn’t choke. As Bobby is growing up it is becoming harder for his parents to carry him around their home and it is therefore necessary for them to start looking at modifications and installing a hoist for him. It is unknown what other equipment he will need as he grows but it is likely their home will need to be altered further to make life as easy as possible for him. Jay, Bobby’s dad, is a local policeman and because he is working Bobby’s family are given minimal financial help towards his care and these alterations, so they therefore rely on local fundraisers and events to help towards making these changes and providing him with the equipment that he so desperately needs.

Please visit http://www.gofundme.com/bobbysfuture to read more about Bobby and his condition.


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