Greendale announces its chosen charities for 2019

The votes are in and we can now announce the three charities which will receive support and donations from Greendale for 2019.  Yes, you heard us – due to the voting being so close, we have decided that three charities will benefit from our fundraising efforts over the coming year.

The Dorset Children’s Foundation was set up in 2013 to improve the lives of local sick and differently abled children and since then they have donated over £500,000 to local children. They are a small, independent charity and fund medical expenses, mobility equipment and therapies not covered by the NHS. The DCF also grant life enriching experiences, to create special memories that last longer than a lifetime.

The therapies and equipment that they provide improve the lives of children with disabilities, over and above pure medical necessities and help to improve the quality of life for children so that they can gain better movement, overcome isolation, improve their self-esteem and play a larger part in the society around them, be that with family or at school. The DCF also provides a network of support for parents in a similar situation and sponsors accessible fun activities where everyone can join in, providing the opportunity for families to get together.


Greendale will be donating the money raised from our Christmas raffle & auction to The Dorset Children’s Foundation, which will be specifically going to a little boy called William. 

When William was born he was blue. After rescue breaths from the medical team he was breathing but oxygen levels in his blood were critically low. It was discovered that the main arteries of his heart were the wrong way round; meaning well oxygenated blood was going from his heart to his lungs but then straight back to his heart, deoxygenated blood was being pumped around the rest of his body and causing his other organs to fail. He was a very poorly baby indeed. His parents were told that a simple operation was needed to rectify things for William, but this was sadly not the case. More tests, more professionals and then the bombshell that he had suffered significant brain damage that affected the whole brain. Sadly, William’s condition is life limiting. William also has severe epilepsy. Every seizure poses a risk of further brain damage and due to his epilepsy being difficult to control he has lost many of the skills. Throughout all of this, William amazes everyone around him by the way he continues to try to be active and involved. Money raised would go towards funding for a block of Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy for William, along with a pair of supportive splints, called DAFOs, to help his feet and ankles develop a good position for walking and moving. The therapies will help him achieve the best range of movements and the most strength and coordination he can. This will help him enjoy his life as much as he can and for longer.

Please visit https://thedcf.orgfor more information about the charity.


Chestnut Nursery is the second project of the registered charity the Sheltered Work Opportunities Project (SWOP). Based in the centre of Poole, it provides voluntary work for adults with severe and enduring mental illness. The project aims to improve mental wellbeing through the healing nature of horticulture.Research shows that, in any one year 25% of the population experience a mental health problem. Many of these people want and need to fill their time constructively, but feel unable to cope with the stresses and pressures of open employment.


Volunteers at Chestnut Nursery work in all aspects of the nursery, this includes: seed sowing, potting plants, serving customers in the shop, carpentry and construction work, as well as office and computer work. Through the use of therapeutic horticulture, the charity aims to restore mental well-being, and give purpose to people’s lives. Chestnut Nursery currently provides over 60 work placements and aims to give the opportunity to learn or relearn basic work skills.

We will be making a donation of £500 to Chestnut Nursery in lieu of sending out company Christmas cards to clients/business associates etc.  All proceeds raised from our annual Greendale Charity Cake sale will also be split between Chestnut Nursery and our third charity for 2019, Langside School.

Please visit more information about the charity.


Diverse Abilities provide services and support in a number of areas across Dorset, and the money raised by Greendale will specifically be going to  Langside School; a charity run special school for pupils aged two to 19 with profound and multiple learning disabilities and complex medical needs.

Langside school provides a full sensory and therapeutic approach to meeting the needs of the pupils and helps them to achieve their full potential, with nursing support in every class. The school was established in 1959 and has a multidisciplinary approach to providing education and therapy support. It has a nursing provision, a speech and language therapist, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, orthopaedics plus paediatric, dietician and orthotics clinics on site, ensuring the children do not miss a morning or afternoon at school due to appointments. Hydrotherapy is also offered on site.

The money raised by Greendale will be used for an outside play area replacing the current structure which is precarious in high winds and hard to maintain. The outside space is so important for the children as it gives them the opportunity of getting fresh air, vitamin D and an exciting learning environment.



We will be making a donation of £500 to Langside School  in lieu of sending out company Christmas cards to clients/business associates etc and all proceeds raised from our annual Greendale Charity Cake sale will also be split between Langside School and Chestnut Nursery.


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