Greendale attend the Rock Star awards and announce Thomas Douris as winner of the ‘Inspirational Star’ 2019!

L-R: Angela Piromalli, Rise; Thomas Douris, Inspirational Star winner; Rob Hooker, Greendale Construction.
Photo credit Sebastian Saxena of S Sax Productions

We were delighted to attend the Rock Star 2019 Awards on Friday where Greendale was sponsoring the category of Inspirational Star.

The Inspirational Star award celebrates an individual with a story that inspires and enlightens, despite hardships they have faced in their own life.

The winner of this category, Thomas Douris, was very well deserved. Thomas was born with arthritis and had to have two hip replacements early in life. However, this only spurred him on to study occupational therapy, and one day he hopes to start up his own support network to help others like himself.

Thomas, said: “I want to also say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Greendale Construction – you really have changed my life and I am truly honoured to have been chosen by you. Thank you to listening to my story and believing in me when not many people have over my lifetime, so this really is the most incredible feeling. Walking on to the stage felt like my whole life was going in slow motion and i don’t know how i got the words out to accept my award!

“Thank you also to Angela and Fleur, and everybody at Rise who have made this award a reality. You guys are honestly all incredible and inspiring people and I will always be thankful for you all.

Thomas has great plans in the pipeline, and winning this award will hopefully highlight his achievements and future aspirations to a wider audience.

He explained: “I have a business plan which is going to be online based, and would benefit individuals with learning disabilities, and i have plans to expand to help others that have suffered from strokes and other medical conditions.

“I have the plan to make this a reality, and would be so grateful if there is anyone reading this who feels they are interested in this project and could assist with creating the business over time. I am still only in my first year of studying occupational therapy, but I hope to use this degree to establish knowledge to make the business a huge success and help a great number of people in doing so.

“Lastly, from reading my story and journey, I would like people to take this little piece away with them, and share with others my hopes. I would like people to start altering their perspective on the word ‘disability’, so that they no longer think of it as disability, but instead, as a gift. A gift that has allowed me personally to experience and see the world differently to others. A gift that has imposed endless challenges that have inspired me to work harder and stay motivated to achieve all of my dreams. A gift that not only inspires ourselves, but also inspires others to reach their own dreams. Thank you.” 

If you think you can help, advise or inspire Thomas with his future business plans, or to find out more, email him on – or connect with him through LinkedIn

All the nominees across the Inspirational Star category were outstanding and should be rightly proud of their achievement. To see such dedication and drive from such young people is inspirational in itself.

The Rock Star Awards is a fantastic award event which really highlights the up and coming talent across many industries which so often goes unsung.

Well done to everyone!


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