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Bernard Street, Southampton

Dorset Chartered Builders, Greendale Construction Limited, has won a £4.2 million pound design and build contract to convert a 1970s office block at 24 Bernard Street, Southampton, into 79 student studio units.

“Greendale is pleased to have secured this £4.2 million pound contract which will bring an unremarkable old building up to date and provide modern accommodation for students in the Southampton area. Greendale has also recruited additional employees for the duration of this large contract, and we look forward to completing and handing over in September this year.”

Andy Musselwhite
Contracts Director


Historic Swanage Pier Marine Villas re-opens after major Greendale restoration
03 September 2018

Dorset Chartered Builders, Greendale Construction Limited has completed work at the 190 year old Swanage Pier Marine Villas, as part of the Swanage Pier Trust’s restoration project.... more...

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