Greendale Construction pledge to raise funds for Ethan Burney’s Wishes

Greendale Construction Limited has announced that it will be supporting ‘Ethan Burney’s Wishes’ as it’s chosen charity for 2017.  Little Ethan Burney was born with a rare condition, Aarskog syndrome, which is severely affecting his eyesight, feet and legs.

There are only 12 known cases of Aarskog syndrome in the UK, and incredibly, three of those are Ethan and his 2 older brothers. The syndrome has left Ethan with very slight autism and very poor vision. Sadly, he is likely to lose his eyesight completely by the age of 10. Mobility problems are also part of his illness and he finds walking, and especially running, a huge and tiring task. Ethan has so far had 3 operations to help move his legs and is due to have a further operation soon with a doctor flying in from America to help him. 

Ethan’s family are trying to make as many happy memories for Ethan before his sight deteriorates further and Greendale Construction has pledged to help raise funds to help Ethan and his family.

£2220 has already been raised at the Greendale Christmas party, enabling three wishes to be granted; a weeks’ holiday in Center Parcs for the whole family in a specially adapted lodge with £500 worth of vouchers to spend there; a family day pass to Longleat, and an annual pass to Legoland for Ethan. 


Maria Seabright, Greendale Construction director, said: “We are delighted and proud to be raising awareness and funds through a number of events for Ethan over the next 12 months.  Our staff are always hugely supportive of the events held to raise money for the Greendale Construction chosen charity, and our suppliers and business associates are also massive supporters – we couldn’t do this without them, and hope we raise enough to really make a difference to little Ethan and his lovely family.”


You can follow Ethan’s Facebook page here  Or pledge via the Just Giving page here

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